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Chapter 40: Alex Suarez
Thank you to everybody who read or reviewed the last chapter. I know I left you on a cliffhanger, but we are running towards the end of the story and things are starting to get explosive.

Warning: This chapter is one of the reasons why this story is rated M. It contains nonconsensual/dubious consent sexual content, violence, and the endangerment of minors. Nothing too graphic but this is going to be a dark chapter.
Also, pseudo Law and Order SVU crossover because I can.

Chapter 40: For the Sake of My childCollapse )

Dear James| Chapter 15| AOS| M
Title: Dear James/F#$% Perfect

Sequel to: Dear Spock

Summary: Happily ever after is not an endpoint but rather a state that needs constant maintenance. A post STID story that deals with all the unpleasant stuff between our protagonist saving the day and the start of the five-year mission but with humor. Even in a 'coma' Jim can cause complete chaos with his programming 'skills'.
Pairings: Established and trying to keep it that way K/S, and it’s complicated U/M. Also, really strong S&K&U friendship that may come across as something less than platonic.

In other words, imagine what STID would be like if Jim and Spock were already married by Vulcan standards before everything went to hell. The interesting thing as I did not have to change that much. Everything was there. I just needed to connect the dots.
This story is dedicated to anybody who thought STID would make so much more sense if Jim and Spock were together.

You Need a Hug
Beginning of the story